come as you are.

take your next step with God.
BE the Church.

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into a fully-alive connection with God.

Like any healthy movement or organization, we have a vision statement:

"We will love and lead all people into a fully-alive connection with God."

This is more than just something we put on the wall (although you might see it on the wall).

It's something we believe in, as it represents who God has called Connection Church to be.

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"We will..."
 Life is not about nodding our head at
good ideas but actually living them out.
We will do what God has asked us to do.
 "love and lead..."
Relationships need love and leadership.
Without leadership, love becomes fluff.
Without love, leadership becomes thorns.
We follow God's example - He loves us
right where we're at... but loves us too
much to let us settle there.
 "all people..."
Everyone matters to God... everyone.
Which means everyone matters to us... everyone.
"into a fully-alive
connection with God."

Jesus came to give us LIFE - and fully-alive living is about taking steps to engage the life you're already in with a greater sense of purpose. So take a look around... consider this world and the mess it's in. God wants to change it all and is looking for people who want that change to start in them.

Spiritual growth like this doesn't usually happen on accident, but is typically a combination of
what we intentionally try to do with God and what He reveals to us along the way.

Using the analogy of a baseball diamond, we encourage one another to
"run the bases" and make the most of each baseline along the way.

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Home Plate – Christ
I will make Jesus my Savior and Lord and
begin to more intentionally live in His Story.
 Baseline: I will seek to enjoy/understand my new identity in Christ publicly and privately, letting Him form my beliefs.
First Base - Character
 I will let the Holy Spirit “have at me” from the
inside-out as I learn to put God first in all things.
Baseline:  II will become more intentional about letting what’s God’s doing in me impact others around me. 
Second Base - Church
I will join into biblical community with others, including a regular group of growing Christians who I will let speak encouragement and hard truth into me.
Baseline: I will let my way of life change, including what
I do with the resources He’s given me to manage
and use to joyfully support His church.
Third Base – Calling
I will find a regular way to serve others inside
and outside the church, including what it means to
overlap my circle of influence with others.
Baseline: I will let everything I do in every area of my life
become a way to share the Good News of
Jesus Christ with as many people as possible.
Home Plate - Christ
I will run the bases again, but this time take someone else with me so they can get to know Jesus, too.