come as you are.

take your next step with God.
BE the Church.

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into a fully-alive connection with God.

Tony Myles

Will work for life change
Tony Myles

Tony Myles is the Lead Pastor

of Connection Church, an active

and growing movement of God

in Medina, Ohio. This is the

article archive of his weekly

Medina Gazette newspaper

column "Fully-Alive Living."

Mostly, Tony describes himself as

a messy Christ-follower who has

an overflowing love for God,

his amazing wife Katie,

their two awesome boys and

beautiful girl, and the Church in

all its imperfect, redemptive beauty. 

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Fully Alive Living

We're excited to share a four year archive of 

a newspaper column Pastor Tony Myles wrote

that reached more than 63,000 people weekly in the

Cleveland/Akron area. The feedback was always positive,

but eventually the newspaper went in a new direction

with its content that meant the opportunity ended.

If these articles encourage you, please drop a quick email

to the Medina Gazette and share some positive feedback about it

so this column might again have influence locally and globally.

Medina Gazette
10.16.13: The Perfect 10
09.25.13: You're Free
09.04.13: The Big Picture
06.05.13: Multiple Choice
05.22.13: It's Worth It
02.20.13: Patience
12.26.12: Wonder-Full: Awe-Some
08.01.12: Life At Work
01.25.12: Lightening Up!

12.28.11: In the Air There's a Feeling... of Peace
10.19.11: Behind the Door
09.28.11: Anger Busters 
03.16.11: Meanwhile...

Archives coming soon