come as you are.

take your next step with God.
BE the Church.

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into a fully-alive connection with God.

Our gatherings are more than our sermons,
but hearing a message does provide an opportunity
to let God's living and active words become
living and active in your life. It's why each week
we open up the Bible and do more than read it -
we let it read us and lead us.

We also have a lot of fun doing this
and hope you catch that vibe.
No masks are needed, so join us
this next Sunday and experience it live

Our Lead Pastor Tony Myles is our primary
communicator, however Connection Church utilizes
a variety of in-house and guest teachers to ensure
we remain Christ-centered and Bible-based.

Listening to our messages is free and aims to be a blessing to you.

Our team of volunteers works hard to put them up as they are able, so if you are willing to help us continue to strengthen and support you we ask you please support our efforts to do just that:

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[ 2016 archives available here ]

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We all need some good news. We all want to know "we're going to make it." We all wonder "What's next?" The pathway? Outlive your life through a legacy. Kick off the new year with purpose.
01/01/17: Pathway 1 - Surrender (Tony Myles/Heinz Burchard)
01/29/17: Pathway 5 - Endurance (Guest Speaker)

Micro-Message: The New Year Paradox
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It's no secret... life can be scary. Even in our darkest hour, the promise of eternity gives us the power to withstand ANYTHING!  Find out how to overcome your fear and empower your life! Join us as we explore through the book of Philippians to uncover some practical, life-giving action steps.

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What do you do when you hit a plateau despite doing “all of the right things?” We all go through it, so what if we intentionally went through it in community to start moving forward together? Join us as we explore the book of Acts to uncover some practical, life-giving action steps that turn our disruptions into discoveries. Your best days are still ahead of you!

We're excited to share these messages from our weekend services. 

Just keep in mind that you may be a bit lost as you listen in.

A worship experience is more than simply hearing someone verbally give a message. We regularly use images, artwork and other visuals which may not translate as you listen. Then there's the speaker's body language, the community's interaction, the epic songs we sing together and the prayers we seek an extraordinary God in faith.

All that to say... we'd love for you to experience all of this.


Serving one another in love.

A sense of mission and movement in our city and region.

Amazing investments into kids.

Actual caring, prayer and human interaction.

It's called Church, and there's nothing like it.

Let's do life together. Hope to personally connect with you soon.