come as you are.

take your next step with God.
BE the Church.

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into a fully-alive connection with God.

Ever notice how we talk about things that matters to us?
We also speak up when we feel it will make a difference.

Your willingness and ability to have spiritual conversations may at times feel awkward, but it just may save someone's life.

Skip over the weight of that for a moment... what if you could embrace the joy of it?

Consider what it would look like within the first five minutes of waking up, be it personal (by yourself), social (like a family prayer) or public. What will be your "place" and "time" to simply be with Him as your Father?

We offer this every week so it can grow in you every day... God's Story in your story forever.

Matchmaking and Courtship.

Ever set up a friend on a blind date? 

You probably didn’t say: “Mike, meet Ellie. You should marry her right now.”

That'd be crazy, right? Even if you felt like your two friends were a great match you’d expect them to get to know each other a bit before diving into a lifelong commitment.

Any meaningful relationship takes time to develop, including a relationship with Jesus Christ. Most people need to progressively move through several stages before committing their lives to Jesus.

(1) Getting to know you.
You're on a journey with God. As your friendship with others deepens, let them sense Him in you.

(2) Starting to hear you.
As you invite your friend to share life with you, you create an opportunity to listen to their story and share your story. Your genuine spiritual journey can help foster a more genuine spiritual curiosity in them.

(3) Exploring God with you.
Your friend will eventually realize that you have "something" they might want and start to wonder whether that something might be Jesus. Invite them into something to further this - perhaps a weekend service or a fun event happening with your church.

(4) Knowing God without you.
It's time for you to invite your friend to make a decision about Jesus that belongs to him or her. If they aren't yet ready, ask what might be holding things back. Keep in mind, you're not hands-off here but trying to make sure they have a relationship with God outside of you.

(5) Growing more with you.
Jesus didn't say to make converts, but disciples who make disciples who make disciples. Don't abandon your friend but stay alongside of his or her journey as you grow and begin to reach others together.

Naturally Supernatural.

You're probably familiar with how Wi-Fi works.

Our laptops and mobile devices don't function at their best until they log into a legitimate network that links into a larger pool of global data. It's why our devices are constantly searching for that source.

This resembles God's model for having spiritual conversations.

The Holy Spirit is our source of power and data, and our "connection" to Him enlarges our understanding of what He's already doing in another person. Any questions you might ask that individual are how you realize this, just as if you typed something into Google you would discover results that were there before you even thought of your inquiry. 

Spiritual conversations work best when we're "logged in" to God ourselves.

As you enter any room or environment, try pausing and inviting God to show you who He'd like you to somehow connect with. Perhaps you'll only get an internal nudge,  but if you do ask God if there is anything else you need to know about that person. 

Even if you try this and don’t get any specific details from God, it’s still worth approaching people and starting
significant conversations. Things don't always have to be super deep, but don't. settle for passive chit-chat either.


Jesus had spiritual conversations that often began with questions. He had this great knack for starting with something that was rooted in the "everyday" while also having spiritual overtones.

Our version of what He asked people might include:

"What worries you these days?"

"What do you believe is even possible in life?"

"How is the way you grew up still a part of who you are today?"

"FYI - I enjoy praying for people in my life. Is there any way I can be praying for you?"

"Is there any way I can be a support to you or a project you need help doing?" 

"What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Can I tell you some of mine?"

"There's so much happening in the world. What headlines have caught your attention?"

"What are some of the deeper questions your kids throw your way?"

"Do you think there’s a God? What do you think God might be like?"

Jesus also practiced other natural habits that connected people to the supernatural. You can do these, too:

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Noticing: Are you really paying attention to people?

Eating: How are your meals an opportunity for more than food?

Serving: What tangible needs do others have you can meet?

Welcoming: Which parts of your life are you willing to invite people into?

Working/Playing/Resting: Yes, be responsible. Yes, have fun. Yes, relax.
Just one question - what if you were to do these things as
a way to build deeper connections and conversations with others?

As you invite people into your life, you can invite them into Jesus' life.
If you get stuck on someone's worldview, check out this great resource.