come as you are.

take your next step with God.
BE the Church.

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into a fully-alive connection with God.

Lean into this...
you have the ability to talk with and listen to God.

Imagine the impact of doing this every day, not by 
sheepishly noting His presence but intentionally sharing your heart
with Him and letting Him share His heart with you.

Consider what it would look like within the first five minutes of waking up, be it personal (by yourself), social (like a family prayer) or public. What will be your "place" and "time" to simply be with Him as your Father?

We offer this every week so it can grow in you every day... God's Story in your story forever.

The hurdle.

Prayer can seem like an unnatural activity at times. Whether you grew up not really praying much, only praying something traditional or have often turned to God but never known how to interact with Him, the broken nature of this world and our imperfect nature can distract us before we even begin.

The good news is this is a hurdle you can overcome. Prayer is simply communicating back and forth with God. Often we worry that we have to pray with special words or try to sound like another Christian who seems to do it very well.

What if prayer is as easy as you sharing your thoughts and feelings with God while listening for how He is doing the same with you?

You are not alone in this.
If praying to God seems weird or if you don't feel comfortable doing it in front of people, you can always find wisdom from others in the church who can come alongside of you in this. Don't say "no" to a habit that will help you ultimately say "yes" to God's plan for your life.

The simplicity.

God is your best friend.

He is for you. 
He isn't waiting to bust you.
He wants to lead and inspire you.

He is offering you eternity
and fully-alive living.

Prayer is your pathway to
talking with your best friend.

Maybe your prayer life will first feel like sending a text to someone you can't see with your eyes, but hope and trust will open the message.

Perhaps then it'll become like a phone call where you speak more freely and hope for some sounds back on the other end.

You might even one day realize that God is everywhere and always saying something to you. Your prayer life might become like a conversation with Someone who is in the same room with you. 

The simple reality is you're engaging in a relationship that you will figure out like any relationship.

The plan.

Ever been in a conversation with someone who only wanted to talk about themselves? Prayer is not just giving God your wish list, but involves building your relationship with Him. Here's a plan for that:

Start out your prayer by telling God something you appreciate about Him. This actually works in your benefit for you remember who He is and what He's capable of.

Confess to God any sin or choices you've made that work against you (a.k.a. sin). This is like apologizing to a friend before you can do anything else together.

Share with God what's on your heart, knowing that He hears you and understands your burdens.  

Listen for God's direction to you. Whatever He nudges you to do, commit to do it. After all, "Amen" means "may it be so." That kind of sounds like saying, "I'm in."