come as you are.

take your next step with God.
BE the Church.

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into a fully-alive connection with God.

Check out the order of events.
The Bible starts with God.
God creates relationships.
Humanity creates rebellion.

We go from nothingness to wholeness...
and then from a wedding to war. 

Have had that experience?

All of us have, actually.

The truth is that the Bible also shows that things
will one day be reversed back to Normal.
From war to a wedding.
From that wedding to wholeness.

These are big theological truths,
but maybe they offer hope for your marriage.

Marriage often feels like war.
Between all the distractions around us
and in us, it seems like we're on the frontline of "something" - even if we can't tell what it is.

It can often feel like the closer you move
toward a solution, the more things intensify.

Perhaps it's why some couples assume
their only option is to quit the marriage they're
in and try something else, as if the perfect
relationship exists if only you throw in the towel.
Does it? Is that our only option?

What if instead of throwing in the towel
you put it over your arm and took on
the posture of serving each other?
Ephesians 5 says that husbands should
love their wives like Christ loves the church,
and that wives should likewise give sacrificial
love and respect toward their husbands.

Just as Jesus leads us lovingly, humbly,
sacrificially and purposefully, so can our
marriages reflect this as we decide to
live this way together. Instead of just focusing
on the fruit of your problems, maybe
it's time to deal with the root of them.

We are very committed at Connection Church
to not just believing things, but living them out.
What you and everyone else don’t need is just
another series of lectures on marriage.
We need some practical training, teaching and
modeling on marriage. A marriage where a husband
and a wife can be honest has to start with a foundation
that is honest, which is why we're investing into
couples through resources that speak into how
our struggles, failures and trials can pave the way
toward a humble and repentant solution that's

full of life. We base it all on the wisdom of the Bible

so that the person and the work of Jesus can

be furthered in your marriage. You really can
become a solid couple pursuing Life together.

You really can have the same spouse,
but a different marriage.


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