come as you are.

take your next step with God.
BE the Church.

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into a fully-alive connection with God.

All growing Christ-followers ask good questions:

How can I own and feed my own faith?

Who did God really make me to be?

What can I do to live more like Jesus?

When am I supposed to feel like I've made progress?

Why do I have the resources and skills I do?

Where is my place in this world?

Imagine figuring this out in a conversational environment open to everyone regardless of their knowledge, background or experience. 

That's what a Learning Community is - your chance to freely interact with a specific area of student that will help you take a step in a core area of your faith. We schedule these several times throughout the year, including these themes:

  • Intro to the Bible
  • Financial Peace University
  • Talking About Jesus Without Sounding Weird
  • S.H.A.P.E. (Discover your calling and who God made you to be)

Our online Learning Communities right now include:

frequently asked questions
When and where does a Learning Community meet?
It's all based on interest and when people can meet.
This info will be shared during semesters throughout the year.

Is there a cost involved?
Costs are usually minimal based on printing needs
and any materials that need to be ordered.
If you can't afford the cost, we'll help you out.

What about childcare?
If a Learning Community occurs on Sunday mornings,
you can utilize our Kid's Connection ministry. Otherwise,
formal childcare is not provided unless arranged by parents
in the class who will share the load with each other. This can
often be figured out at the first session or earlier as needed.

Some may call this a "class," but we're aiming

for a "learning community." It's the difference between a one-sided presentation with homework versus a facilitated

discussion among friends.

Meaning, this isn't just about you taking notes.
You could take some good ones,

especially since the content we'll cover

is dynamic and thought-provoking.

But this is more about you participating and growing through collaboration. The facilitator's role is to help you discover God's truth and what He's stirring up in you... and that is

where life change happens.