come as you are.

take your next step with God.
BE the Church.

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into a fully-alive connection with God.

Imagine: A Church pleasing the heart of God

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Connection Church is more than it's lead pastor,
but it may help you to know his heart. 

During a hard season of life, Tony Myles began to realize that no church was perfect. Just like people, a church can get off track just enough that it gradually loses sight of what's most important. Even when its people are pursuing a vision to honor God they may unintentionally neglect to pursue God Himself. 

Instead of becoming a critic, Tony fell in love with the broken beauty that is "the Church" - it's what Jesus recognized when He entrusted His imperfect followers with sharing the perfect message of hope. This is what his heart beats for.
Lead Pastor Tony Myles


What does God dream for His Church?

Imagine a church seeking to please the heart of God. 

What would that church look like? 

I believe that church would have a heart for him and all people. 


Every Christ-follower would live a fully-alive life of authentic worship for God that was anchored in personally experiencing His unlimited love and penetrating holiness, and demonstrated by a refreshed heart that beat in cadence with His. 


People who were married would allow the first outflow of love to be to their spouses, creating unions that served as tangible examples of the love Jesus has for the church - mutually sacrificial and submissive for the sake of the Groom and his Bride


Single adults would feel as included in the body of the church as anyone else... never the third wheel of the community, but valued for who they are.


The emerging generation would be seen and cared for as a primary ministry of everyone and vitally invested into so that the Church might have a healthy future.

Authentic Christians help create authentic churches

The community and region would feel the impact of all of this.


Every home within the church would have healthy conversations that raised and wrestled with spiritual issues together. Each household would become a kind of spiritual lighthouse in its community, causing neighbors to feel loved on, appreciated, and inspired to ask questions about Christianity or for prayer (maybe even without believing in either… yet).


Offices, cubicles, factory lines, and the workplace as a whole would transform from “places where we did our jobs and got a paycheck” to “mission fields where the world paid us for our skills while God used us as His representatives in those fields.”


People would know the message of Jesus in the region, perhaps without even knowing why. It would be as if simply by going to certain places and interacting with certain people, they would have the sense of a care and concern unlike anything they’ve experienced... and redefine their definition of Christianity.


A missional spirit would invade matters of social justice, causing the battered and bruised to be cared for while proactively healing the very systems that that hurt them in the first place.

Medina OH non-denominational church

The church itself would be more than a building...

more than an organization.

It would be an organic environment of people and God unlike any other. 

As He did something special in and through this mysterious union of the ordinary and the extraordinary, people distant from God would be drawn near to him and spiritually dry Christians would experience the Living Water again. Everyone would get a clean slate, feel at ease to be themselves, and be loved forward to whatever step of growth was next. Instead of wasting energy being fake or making up rules that the Creator never intended for us to create, we'd laugh out loud and weep hot tears as we wrestled over the things that really matter. 

I believe that this is the kind of church that pleases God...

and it is in my heart to be a servant-leader in a church that measures success: 


By life… the continual search and rescue of new people who are trusting in Jesus as Lord/Savior.


By weight... the quality of a relationship with God that is always taking the next step. 


By sacrifice... the growth curve of Christ-like character that creates selfless living. 


By authenticity... the transparency of community where clean slates are continually offered. 


By proclamation... the willingness to contagiously communicate the Gospel regardless of skill.


By extension… the continuation of the dream into all cultures and generations.


By reproducing… the evidence of people regularly stepping over the line of faith together.

This is the dream I'm giving my life to...

care to join me?

Tony Myles

Lead Pastor of Connection Church