come as you are.

take your next step with God.
BE the Church.

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into a fully-alive connection with God.

God is so generous to us, yet our temptation is to find security in holding our stuff tighter. It's why Jesus pointed out that the reason we give can be even more important as what we give. His hope isn't that we would be led by guilt or compulsion, but that we would find new ways to join into His Kingdom. 

Where are you at in the grid below?

More importantly... where do you sense God really wants you to be? 

Tipping: Most of us start out by irregularly giving out of impulse, emotion, or bare-minimum requirement as we "feel it." Usually it involves "what I have on me," which requires little faith and is often motivated by guilt or duty - like tipping a waiter. The amount given is inconsistent and usually because you feel you "should." It's often related to "what's left" after everything else.

Tithing: Some of us set aside the first 10% of income to give God through a church. This is the "training wheels" to the life of generosity God had called you to - a huge step up from the first level, for you are becoming faith-based and consistent without needing to be arm-wrestled to give. You give even when it tempted to keep it because God ranks higher.

Proactive Giving: After you discover the joy of giving, you'll realize the many opportunities God gives you to bless other people beyond your tithe. Perhaps it's directly through the church, and you'll find yourself intentionally living a more simple life so others can achieve what's important. You're never offended to give because you see it as a privilege and as worship.

Generous Giving: Being a generous giver has nothing to do with how much you have, but the sacrificial spirit you offer God in whatever He asks. You carry the same faith as the widow seen by Jesus in the temple who gave all she had to live on, because you "get" that God owns it all and you're one of His managers. Be prayerful and wise about your giving, including the temptation to get credit versus anonymity.