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into a fully-alive connection with God.

For some reason, money seems to be a hot topic in church circles. Some would even argue you shouldn't talk about it. 

Jesus took a different approach - He spoke it often, using it as his most common metaphor to tell people about the Kingdom of God. Here are a handful of reasons why, and how when you give to the Lord through His Church the positive ripples are endless. 

God owns everything and doesn't need anything, yet He's gifted you with skills and resources. The only thing in the Bible He says to test Him on is tithing. Maybe it's because we're tempted to cling to stuff that doesn't matter, like green paper... or perhaps He wants you to see what happens when you trust Him through His Church. 

If this is your home church, you know we keep things simple and make the most of every dollar that comes in. Your consistent giving resources ministry, provides space for it to happen and supports a staff to guide things toward Jesus Christ. Thanks for not merely "tipping" when you feel like you had a "good meal," but regularly "tithing" so we can regularly keep "cooking." 

Our culture demands we buy "one more thing" to find fulfillment, yet it ultimately ends in discontentment. Setting aside the first portion of the money God's given us to manage helps us step back from the world's broken system and recenter our hearts on the Lord and what He is up to in the world. Giving stretches our heart in His direction.

The Bible teaches us become generous in our giving so we can excel in meeting real needs in and out of the church. When you give to Connection Church, we invest the first portion of that gift into lives locally and globally - from your neighbors to Africa. Likewise, your financial support helps us in making space in-house for even more life change.