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take your next step with God.
BE the Church.

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into a fully-alive connection with God.

The Daniel Plan is a life-changing learning community based on biblical principles
and materials by Rick Warren, Dr. Daniel Amen, and Dr. Mark Hyman.
It focuses on creating a God-honoring, healthy lifestyle physically through
five arenas that support each other and let you make positive changes on more
than just willpower alone.  It's not a diet - it's nutrition for every area of your life.
We're excited to host this for locals who desire to be on this journey
of discovering the difference some simple choices can make overall.

The historical back story

Centuries ago, the nation of Israel was
attacked and put into captivity by a
foreign culture. Some of the brightest and
best among the Israelites were chosen to
serve within this new culture's leadership, but
a handful of them wondered if they might find
a way to be faithful to God within the midst of it.

Among them, a man named Daniel asked if
he and his friends could eat in a way that
was healthy and God-honoring, even though it was counter-cultural to what was being imposed
upon them. After being tested on how valid it
was, they were found to be healthier and
stronger than most others in the culture.
Together, they set an example that inspired others and honored the Lord... what if that's possible yet again?

The campaign back story

"Food, fitness, focus, faith and friends."
That's what Pastor Rick Warren, Dr Mark Hyman
and Dr Daniel Amen discerned are essential for a healthy, God-honoring life physically - the last two components being the "secret sauce" to the first three.

It all started when Warren had an aha moment after considering his own health along with what he was seeing within his congregation. A majority of the church members determined to take proactive steps together, which in turn led to greater enthusiasm and energy for life (not to mention some amazing friendships and spiritual growth steps that were formed along the way).

The campaign has since become a national movement, receiving support and recognition of its merits.

The "Daniel Plan" doesn't try
to specifically follow a particular
recipe from the Bible. The larger
takeaway is that Daniel and his friends chose food and a lifestyle that were both physically and spiritually God-honoring.
For that reason, the food portion of the plan simply involves eating healthier, fresher and more natural foods that will bring out the kind of
natural energy you need to face each day.

A tagline is:
"If it grows on a plant, it's healthy.
If it's made in a plant, don't eat it." 

You can also add:
"No snacks,
no sweets,
no seconds."


Keep in mind, this is not a diet but is a 
journey... it's all about talking about the 
areas of our lives that we often sidestep
with "self-educated reasons" (aka "excuses"), including our personal health spiritually,
physically, socially and more. We'll explore
this together for six weeks
through weekly emails.

Check this out,
whether you choose to tangibly
take part in this campaign through
some new habits or are simply open
to hearing more wisdom beyond your own
through some biblical pe
rspective on
"Faith, Foods, Fitness, Focus
and Friends."


[ we launched the Daniel Plan via email the day after Easter - you can still jump in ]


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