come as you are.

take your next step with God.
BE the Church.

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into a fully-alive connection with God.

Connection Groups

Plain and simple, we believe in relationships... 
if you were honest, you do, too.

We may try to gut life out in our own power and opinions, yet there's some real wisdom in allowing other people in so we can better address what's going on in us and around us... especially if the people we surround ourselves with have tapped into something authentic and larger-than-life themselves.

This is why we encourage everyone in Connection Church to take part in a Connection Group. Jesus created His Church to be people who encourage and help each other take the next step on their spiritual journey.
Connection Groups are relational gatherings of people who meet together on a regular basis.

Each is a bit different than another, 
be it by content, method or simply the unique personality each group takes on. The one thing they all have in common is you end up forming some encouraging friendships around the amazing truths of God. Along the way we help each other grab hold of the words of God into our everyday lives.

We do ask that you first start attending Connection Church before you jump into a Connection Group Otherwise, you will at times feel out of the loop on things we're talking about church-wide and miss out on the greater benefit of church-wide teaching/community. 

Connection Groups take place all throughout the year at different times using different curriculum. We'd love to connect you with one that works for you. That's kind of the idea of why we're doing this - because each person is better figuring out their unique journey through life by tapping into the wisdom and experience of God together.

There is some real wisdom from God to help you become more purposeful in your relationships with others and growing into wisdom on why God has you right where He has you.

So come as you are... 

and experience a community where growth happens.

See and be seen... know and be known...

understand and be understood.

Connection Groups are for you.