come as you are.

take your next step with God.
BE the Church.

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into a fully-alive connection with God.

Connection Groups

Plain and simple, we believe in relationships... 
if you were honest, you do, too.

As hard as any of us may try to gut life out in our own power and opinions,
we inherently know that other people can help us better reconnect with
what's really going on in us and around us... especially if they're
tapped into something authentic and larger-than-life themselves.

This is why we encourage everyone in Connection Church to take part in
a Connection Group. Jesus created His Church to be people who encourage 
and help each other take the next step on their spiritual journey.
Connection Groups are
relational gatherings of people
who meet together on a regular basis.

Each is a little different than another,
whether by content, the way things are
 explored or simply the unique personality
 each group takes on. The one thing they
 all have in common is you end up
 forming some encouraging friendships
around the amazing truths of God.
Along the way we help each other
grab hold of the words of God
into our everyday lives.

Because of this purpose and how we
 have the  groups set up, we do ask that you
first start attending Connection Church
before you jump into a Connection Group.
Otherwise, you will at 
times feel out of the
 loop on things we're talking about

 church-wide and miss out on the

greater benefit of church-wide


On the other hand, our
Connection Groups are made up of
people new to Christianity as well as

others who have been on a journey

with Jesus Christ a while. Somehow
it all comes together as everyone feels
able to give and receive perspective.

A Place For You
Connection Groups
this semester will take
place on Sunday nights at 6pm
and Saturday mornings at 830am.

We'll be exploring
materials that will help you
(re)learn how to spend time
with God, become more purposeful
in your relationships with others
and growing into wisdom on why
God has you right where He has you.

Sunday at 6pm:

Saturday at 830am:

Child-care at the homes is for elementary aged kids and younger. Please contact the host homes about how you can make an appropriate donation for the child-care support provided in each home so any burden is equally shared for the overall benefit of the connection group.

Interested? Contact our director

So come as you are...

and get ready to experience
community where growth can happen
from just about any direction.

We're not doing this as a church
to just offer something... we're

doing this because we all have
something to offer one another.

See and be seen... know and be known...

understand and be understood.

Connection Groups are for you.