come as you are.

take your next step with God.
BE the Church.

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into a fully-alive connection with God.

Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them,
for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.
- Jesus, Mark 10:14 (NIV)


Whether you're a new parent or are just now coming to understand your role as the primary spiritual mentor to your kids, we'd like to come alongside of your and cheer you on. A child dedication service is one way to begin that process.

 This celebration takes place during a Sunday gathering. You'll come forward and declare your intention to raise your child to know, love, and trust in Jesus Christ. It's also an opportunity for our congregation to affirm its part, too. We want to pray, encourage and assist you in this task.

The Bible offers many examples of parents dedicating their children to God.

Even Mary and Joseph brought the infant Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem

"to present Him to the Lord." This is why we affirm that every child's life deserves to

start in the direction of the Lord. The catch is to make sure you don't just do this for 

religious or traditional reasons. As parents, the greatest gift you can give your child

is a relationship with God that they see in your first. In a sense, this child dedication

is as much about you dedicating your life to Christ as it is your kids.

Interested? We'd love to serve you in this.

We've developed a covenant that we'll go through together

so that your family and the church can be on the same page.

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