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into a fully-alive connection with God.

Ever wished you knew more about the Bible than you did?
What if there was a way to process it with your whole household?

You probably have heard a few things about a handful of Bible stories.

Maybe it's something about Adam and Eve in the Garden,
the Israelites miraculously crossing the Red Sea on dry ground,
or David surprising Goliath with something that had never entered his head before.

What you may not know is how each of these stories fits into the Big Story
of God's written words... as well as the everyday, yet-to-be-written moments of your life.

We do our best at Connection Church to provide a user-friendly on-ramp into the Bible. Our hope is to give you a better understanding of how it all connects together so you can face life’s most pressing questions - questions about truth and lies, life and death, beginnings and endings.

We offer this every week so it can grow in you every day... God's Story in your story forever.

The Bible is one story understood in two sections -
the Old Testament and the New Testament.  

The Old Testament reveals how God made everything good, but humanity sinned and created a need for a Savior. Each Old Testament book points forward to a Savior/Messiah (Jesus) coming, while at the same time showing God's care for those who lived during those years beforehand (and how they obeyed or rebelled).

The New Testament shares how Jesus came to earth, radically transforming People and launching His incredible church. It ends with God's plan for a new beginning by cleansing our imperfect world from the works and presence of satan, giving us a glimpse of heaven and the restoration of all creation.

Start Simple
Begin in in the New Testament with one of the four books about Jesus' life (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John - known as "the Gospels"). Catch the flow of it all, then use one of our Bible plans to review the rest – like seeing a movie and then its “prequels” or "sequels."

Ask Questions
A passage can be confusing if you don't understand its original meaning. Write questions down as you study and share them with a pastor. Remember that God is still God even when we don't fully understand everything. The good news is the important things that we do need to know are absolutely clear.

One of the Pastor Tony's books is right along these lines. It’s a 52-week walk through the Bible that is interactive enough that teens/kids will get
something out of it, and rooted in the Bible so adults can walk through it and feel more empowered in their faith. 

You can order a copy at

(The book is marketed to families to go through with their kids, but really is for everyone.)