come as you are.

take your next step with God.
BE the Church.

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into a fully-alive connection with God.

Grab a free beverage or snack before or after service in Connection Cafe!

Our gatherings are geared to help you take your next step with God. 

That means while our environment and dress are casual, we'll do whatever we can in our services to help you interact with a transformational truth from the Bible. We often have fun along the way, but it all has a purpose and is anchored in Scripture. In fact, you can even grab a Bible off the back table if you don't bring your own. Count on some music, too - whether or not you know the lyrics, it'll be a style you're familiar with and filled with truth that will inspire you.

And yes, we have coffee you can drink and snacks you can grab to feel at ease while sitting next to some amazing people who will give you space to make yourself at home. 

Keep in mind, while a lot of things happen up front we're really not about whomever is up on stage. It's one reason why we end each service with the challenge to "BE the Church." After all, if what we talk about in that big room means nothing when we leave it, then what's the point? For that reason, you'll usually find the people who are doing their best to serve you have great hearts and are on a journey with God, too. Give them the same grace you hope to receive.