come as you are.

take your next step with God.
BE the Church.

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into a fully-alive connection with God.

Connection Church is a passionate, creative church that longs to make a real impact in our community and world. We're flawed people who have chosen to not let our flaws define us, but instead live by faith in Jesus while becoming a voice of grace and hope. This began out of a small community of people who were willing to do whatever was needed to reach others, especially those who don’t know God or feel disconnected from a church. 

We aren't afraid of controversial subjects nor do we shy away from the extraordinary, courageous, sacrificial life that God calls us to. Using His words as our compass, we boldly encourage one another to live a life fully surrendered to Christ’s work in and through us.

Our real backstory is "His Story" - we're a rag-tag group of people taking part in a phenomenal movement of God that is rooted in the Bible. Simply put, we may look differently year after year... but only to make Jesus consistently known. Perhaps along the way we'll reclaim what an authentic Christian is, too... "from my mess, to His best."

That means our vision is etched in stone, but how we do it is penciled on paper. Maybe you'll help us write the next chapter and we'll do something larger than any of us (that happens to involve all of us).