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Amazing Race:
Valentine's Day Weekend
Sunday, February 12 

Looking for a creative date around Valentine's Day? 
Up for something fun with a friend or family member?

Buddy up or couple up, and join us for a fun day of connection as we provide a local adventure for you and someone else. All you need is a camera phone with internet access, a way around town, and $5 per pair for the supplies. Groups of two are ideal, but a group of three can be allowed. Special grand prize for the winning team, Other prizes will be available, too. 


Some of the prices for The Amazing Race include restaurant gift cards, local prize packages and more. 

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This event is part of our partnership
with Healthy Medina.  Check it out!


Think of this fun night like the ultimate, county-wide scavenger hunt. You and your teammate will use a camera phone to take pictures of yourselves doing various tasks around town, whether it's a "selfie" of the two of you or someone you need to get a unique snapshot of. Each task counts as an entry, but some are worth an additional mystery amount of points. Tou won't be able to do all of them, so you'll have to guess

at which tasks may be worth more

points in order to beat the other teams